How I got started with Young Living

Hi! I’m Katlyn. Interior Designer. Dog Mama. Wellness enthusiast & essential oil addict! I have always considered myself fairly “healthy”. I ate my fruits and veggies, avoided processed foods and always drank water. But what I wasn’t aware of was the dangers lurking in our home in beauty products, cleaning products, and household items. Most people aren’t. Things like dryer sheets, air fresheners, soaps, and shampoos are all full of chemicals linked to cancer, infertility, and disease.

I had always used essential oils but never to replace products in our home. Slowly I began to research more. I became our advocate for chemical free and healthy options for these everyday toxic products. As I made changes, the results became more and more evident. We were sleeping better, we were less tired and we got sick less. All because we became aware of what we were putting on our bodies.

Each time I threw a product out I looked for either a comparable, but chemical free product or a way to make it myself. DIY queen right here! Each time Young Living offered products that were either  ready to go (like laundry soap and household cleaner) or pure essential oils to add to DIY recipes (think face wash, lotion & makeup remover!). Young Living came through each and every time. They are one company I can say that we trust wholeheartedly. We quite literally put our health in their hands.

After seeing the impact this company has had on our family, we’ve become so passionate about getting these oils into as many homes as possible. I am happy to chat with anyone who wants to learn more!


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