Starter Kit Oil – Thieves

The starter kit alone is worth it just for this one oil! Thieves is a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus (so it basically smells like Christmas!) and it is the immune support powerhouse.


Thieves is registered in Canada as a NHP (natural health product). What does this mean? Well, since the majority of us aren’t doctors we can’t go around saying how each oil will work and what it can be used for. However, with NHP, Health Canada approves the product for certain uses based on it’s research of that product! Thieves is approved to help relieve cough and cold symptoms. So essentially, there is enough proven evidence and research that thieves is effective at relieving coughs and colds! Pretty awesome hey?!

I use thieves daily in my immune support roller blend (I also add oregano and raven and top with Young Living V-6 oil). I apply to my feet and chest every morning or night and more so when I feel something coming on. It also goes in the diffuser day and night when either myself or my boyfriend is sick! Thieves is also great for kids, especially those in school (think all the nasty school germs!) to help keep them above the wellness line. It supports the immune system and helps to fight off all the cold and flu season nasties! But always remember to dilute when using on kiddos!

As if thieves wasn’t great enough already, it’s spicy fall scent makes it the perfect addition to fall diffuser blends to fill your home with all the scents and none of the toxic chemicals! I think I’m gonna go diffuse it now!



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