Starter Kit Oil – Peppermint

Peppermint is another one of those instantly recognizable smells. Cool, minty, fresh and energizing.


Young Living’s peppermint essential oil is also a registered NHP in Canada. It can be used in topical application or diffused aromatically. It is approved for helping to reduce symptoms of coughs and colds, for helping to reduce digestive discomfort, for helping to reduce joint and muscle pain and for relaxation.

For coughs and colds it is a great oil to diffuse or apply (diluted) to the bottoms of the feet. On it’s own or blended with other oils (such as fennel) it can help to support the digestive system and help to relieve discomfort. I personally have a tummy blend roller blend of peppermint, fennel and digize mixed with Young Living’s V-6 carrier oil and apply it around my belly button when I feel nauseous or have an upset stomach. Such relief this little bottle provides!

Peppermint is also a cooling oil. This means (exactly as it sounds) that it produces a cooling sensation when applied topically. This makes it an excellent oil to apply when your body temperature is elevated such as when you have a sunburn or just in the middle of summer when you need some relief! This cooling feeling is also very soothing for a headache – peppermint is a staple in my headache roller blend!

Peppermint can be a strong oil and therefore it is best to dilute before applying topically.

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