Starter Kit Oil – Northern Lights Black Sprue

Northern Lights Black Spruce smells EXACTLY like it sounds… as if you’re walking through a cold winter forest. Amazing right? Even better is that it is grown and distilled right here in Canada on a farm outside of Fort Nelson BC.


In addition to it’s woodsy, grounding and relaxing scent, it is a great oil for skin support. It may help with dry skin and may help with the maintenance of healthy skin… try adding a drop to your daily moisturizer or to a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil or jojoba oil… (all three are awesome skincare oils!)

I find I am drawn to this oil whenever I have a headache… although it is not a NHP in Canada, I find it pairs well in the diffuser with peppermint – probably because they are both “cool” smelling oils (2 drops of each) or with a drop of panaway and carrier oil massaged onto the back of the neck – UNREAL!

I find this is a scent that guys are instinctively drawn too… probably because of its woodsy, manly scent?! This is awesome because it is SO much easier to get your guy on board using essential oils when he finds one he actually enjoys… try adding this to a massage and then see how he feels about using oils 😉

And if you’re really trying to get into the Christmas spirit… combine with thieves in the diffuser… fa la la la la la la la la !

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