Ditching the Candles for Holiday Diffuser Blends

The snow has fallen and I think it’s here to stay! Not going to lie, it kind of sucks but at the same time it looks SO much prettier with a fresh dusting of snow. I heard on the radio yesterday that on this day last year it was +20 and tonight the windchill is going down to -22. Welcome to Winterpeg!

But in all seriousness, this has gotten me in such a Christmas mood. My house is all decorated minus the tree since we get a real one every year. So of course, when my house looks like it’s ready for Christmas, I want it to smell just like Christmas. Every year prior to this one I went out and stocked up on holiday scented candles. And I mean STOCKED up. I did not want to run out of all the spicy, minty and sweet holiday goodness. I LOVED these holiday candles and the ambiance they brought to a room.

This past year has been life-changing as I’ve made a ton of changes in my life and home to be healthier and reduce toxins. One of the number one offenders on the list?? SCENTED CANDLES. So I tossed what I had left, sadly, and resisted the urge to buy more. But the best part? I knew I had something better, something healthier and something that would still bring the Christmassy aromas into my home. Diffuser blends! There are so many blends you can make to evoke whatever “flavor” of Christmas you desire!

Lately, I have been completely obsessed with what I call “fresh snow tracks” because it reminds me of walking through a forest through freshly fallen snow. It’s minty + woodsy and matches the falling snow out my living room window to a T.




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