Orange Vanilla Sugar Scrub

With winter being upon us… that means dry everything, especially dry skin. There is nothing worse than dry, cracking, painful winter skin. In past years I’ve turned to lotions, body butters and scrubs from the mall or drug store. Great right?! Not so great LOL. Turns out the majority of them are chalk FULL of toxins – including carcinogens, developmental and reproductive toxins and allergins and immunotoxins. Seriously it’s almost as if we can’t get away from all the garbage these companies just throw in products to make them cheaper and smell better!

So, if you can’t find one off the shelf that’s healthy for your skin then just whip one up with what you’ve got at home! And the best part?! It’s LOADS cheaper than buying something ready-made.

Say hello to my version of an orange vanilla moisturizing sugar scrub!


Organic virgin coconut oil

Almond oil

White sugar

Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil

Young Living Orange Essential Oil


Using a double boiler (or a pot of boiling water and a stainless steel bowl over top!) melt 1/2cup coconut oil and add in 2-3 tbsp of almond oil. Once melted remove from heat and add 5 drops stress away and 10 drops orange. Next mix in 2 1/2cup white sugar (more or less depending on how you like your consistency! GET SCRUBBIN’!

I use this scrub a couple times a week in the shower. I find the sugar is gentle enough for me to use on my face and the coconut and almond oil add some extra moisture. BUT…I will always use my face wash after the scrub to remove any greasy-ness left by the coconut oil! Other than that I use it all over my body for exfoliation and moisturizing and it leaves my skin soft and smooth… almost like using an in shower lotion!

If you’re looking for a stronger exfoliation you can try swapping the sugar for pink Himalayan salt! ENJOY!


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