Vote with your Money

It’s no secret that I like my products toxin free. I do my absolute best to continue reading labels, ingredient lists, researching and learning more and more about what we are allowing into our bodies. But not everyone does – in fact the majority of people have not yet made the connection that there are some seriously terrible ingredients in everyday products.


I constantly use the Think Dirty app because it is a great tool for simplifying how toxic – or not – a product truly is. For those of us who aren’t scientists, it can be extremely hard to understand what an ingredient is – let alone pronounce it! LOL! If you haven’t used the app before GET IT! It’s free and it rates products on a scale from 1-10 based on the ingredients and how toxic they are.

So yesterday, I decided to look up a popular bath and body store we have in our mall (I’m pretty sure it’s in EVERY mall) and it’s the one store you can’t walk past without getting a headache – DING DING DING RED FLAG RIGHT HERE! Anyways, there was probably around 100 or so of their products listed on the app. I did not find one that was below an 8 on the scale (10 is the worst!) So I clicked on a few different ones… here are some tidbits that came up on some of the ingredients…

“allows chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin”

“can increase your risk of contact dermatitis”

“has been shown to release formaldehyde”

“releases formaldehyde at just over 10 degrees”

“these chemicals are toxic”

“known link to breast cancer”

Ok you can pick your mouth up off the floor now. (And if you don’t believe me, cause really who in their right mind would ALLOW ingredients with known effects like the above to go into their products…check it out for yourself).

So the product these quotes came off of was a body lotion… one with fruits and herbs in its name so it must be healthy right?! So so so wrong. Keep in mind that your skin is your biggest organ and anything you put on it gets absorbed and ends up in your bloodstream.  Do you really want to be slathering yourself in a product with ingredients that are linked to breast cancer? That are known toxins? That can cause dermatitis? Ya, I didn’t think so.

Be your own advocate. There is so much information readily available, just start googling.

Don’t think you have to go through your cupboards and toss every single product you own that rates high on the app. Start small. One thing at a time. Next time you run out of lotion do some research before you just go grab one at the drugstore. There are better options out there. Use your money to cast your vote. Will you be supporting companies that fill their products with chemicals just to make them cheaper? Or will you look for a company that truly cares about its customers and wants nothing but pure, healthy ingredients in their products?




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