Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep. It’s one of those things that no matter how old or young you are… you can always use a better sleep. Studies show that the majority of us these days are not getting enough sleep. We’re too busy, too stressed and too addicted to technology to ensure that our bodies are getting the break we need to regroup for the next day.

When I first started using essential oils, like most everyone, I used lavender for sleep and relaxation. I didn’t notice a huge difference when I was just diffusing the lavender but I did notice a big difference when I added lavender to a roller bottle with a carrier oil and applied it topically. That’s the interesting thing about essential oils, everyone reacts differently so it can sometimes take a while to find what works for you – and just cause something doesn’t, don’t give up – keep trying different methods or combinations!

I’m not sure how or when I learned to add cedarwood to the lavender but oh my word – I thought I was sleeping good with lavender – I had something else coming to me when I added cedarwood! Such a deep, restful, uninterrupted and easy sleep. I could not believe the difference in just adding one oil. I now apply this blend topically to my feet, wrists, temples and neck when I crawl into bed. It used to take me at least an hour and a half to fall asleep and I would wake up every hour or two throughout the whole night. So this change was definitely a welcome one.

I find sleep is also the one area that almost ANYONE is willing to experiment with when it comes to essential oils. Even for skeptics, I find people jump at the thought of getting a better sleep. It seems a little less daunting than “try these essential oils to improve your health!” haha! Anyways, whenever I give out a sleep roller I always use the exact same “recipe” because not only does it work but it smells amazing… and especially for skeptics smell can be a key factor

  • 10 drops YL cedarwood
  • 10 drops YL lavender
  • 10 drops YL orange

Add to a 10ml roller ball, top with your favorite carrier oil and enjoy your peaceful nights sleep!

What oils do you use for sleep?? I’d love to try some different combinations – but this one will always be my tried and true.

*** these are simply my opinions and experiences, this post is no way intended to treat or diagnose***

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