Hello 2018!

I know we’re already into the second week of the new year and this is SLIGHTLY late but I still felt it was important to jot down as a way to keep myself accountable. I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions because I feel like that automatically sets you up for failure. For myself, this isn’t a “new year, new me” but more of a “things I’d like to achieve this year” type of post. I do believe that once you write something down it does help significantly in keeping yourself accountable to that goal… so here it goes.

Things I’d like to achieve this year:

  1. Write 1 blog post each week (fail already, I know – I’ll write 2 this week to keep up!) – I’d love to keep sharing tips, tricks, info and DIY recipes with all of you in hopes of inspiring others to make changes towards reducing chemicals in the home. I would ot be where I am without countless other accounts that have followed that have helped me make little changes in my daily life. It is NOT an easy process folks, I TOTALLY GET THAT – I’d love to help in any way I can.
  2. Switch to a fully natural makeup routine. Currently I’d say I’m at maybe 40% natural and 60% regular makeup – which was made so much easier by the introduction of Savvy Minerals to Canada (THANK YOU YOUNG LIVING CANADA!) I’ll be sure to write a post all about the Savvy makeup I’ve tried so far and update you as I try new products. Makeup was one of the last ditch and switches I made because it can be so incredibly hard to find natural makeup that works – girl I’m not about to slather my face in “natural makeup” if it’s not going to hold up the way I need!
  3. Work with and develop my business builders! This may be more of a business goal – which may or may not apply to you! But essentially, to advance within the ranks of Young Living you need to have individuals “underneath you” that are also doing the business side. I never want to have individuals on my team that feel as if they are left hanging or don’t know how to move forward so this is important for myself to help others learn how to inspire their friends and family.
  4. Lastly, it’s my goal to hit the rank of executive by December 31, 2018. Again, another business goal! And really this just means working with my team, and helping them build their team.

I think that’s about all I have for goals, thus far. Never know, more may pop up as the year progresses! I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year will bring to my journey. If you had told me last January I would be doing the business side of Young Living I would have told you that you were crazy. Running a small business, leading people and promoting on social media is SO far outside of my comfort zone. I’m totally introverted and let’s be honest – I do care what people think! (who doesn’t?!) 2017 brought a lot of changes and really pushed me outside of comfort zone so I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

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