Savvy Minerals Makeup First Impressions

Savvy Minerals by Young Living came to the Canadian market in December 2017. I was so excited to try it because of everything I had heard about it from ladies who had been able to purchase it in the states (it came there about 6 months earlier). I heard many had ditched their high-end makeup for it so it sounded promising.

Here’s a little background on my makeup tastes… I LOVE makeup. I won’t leave the house without it and the more the better! I’ve always worn full coverage liquid foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, brow pencil, eye liner and lipgloss/lipstick. I have tried a few natural makeup brands previously, most of the time using them a handful of times and then tossing them aside. I hated most natural makeup I tried because it NEVER seemed to hold up. I have oily skin + some dry patches so at the end of the day my full face of makeup usually ends up looking a little melty. So long story short… I need my makeup to cover and I need my makeup to last! These are my must-haves in order to repurchase.

I didn’t want to buy the whole makeup line because A. expensive and B. what if I hated it?

So I started with foundation and eyeliner (and then I got a lipgloss, misting spray and the brush set for Christmas a few weeks later). If the name of the brand didn’t give it away… it’s mineral makeup so a powder form that gets applied with a brush and misting spray. I’ll just be honest right here… when I first tried the foundation I hated it. I was so upset that I had spent so much money on a foundation from a company I love and trust and it sucked. I felt it had no coverage and it made my skin look really red. But I did notice that after a long day my skin wasn’t as oily and it seemed to last all day. So there was one positive out of it. I didn’t have the misting spray for the first couple weeks and I think this is partially the reason why I hated it so much, because I wasn’t applying it the right way. After I got the misting spray and the foundation brush it applied MUCH better. It covered better and blended better and just overall felt better. “Ok, so maybe this makeup isn’t so bad after all!” Although, the way it looked under my eyes still bothered me because I wasn’t wearing concealer. I like a full coverage under eye and I feel concealer brightens it as well so I began adding concealer back into my routine. After I did that I was SOLD! It was the perfect look and finish that I loved. Not quite full coverage, but pretty close. Not cakey. Long-lasting and super natural looking! I find it almost even looks better after a full day of wear then it does after it is first applied. I actually can’t believe how good it looks hours later. I will absolutely be repurchasing this foundation again. It retails for around $55 CAD I believe which is comparable to a high-end foundation, but it seems to last a lot longer than liquid foundation since you use much less product with application.

As I mentioned, I also tried the eyeliner. This is a much shorter impression than the foundation. I loved it from day 1. You need to wet your brush, pick up some mineral eyeliner and apply it like you would a liquid liner. It comes out nice and dark and blends into a wing super easily. It does take longer to apply than a pencil and it is a little messy (since the minerals are a little bit dusty) but all in all, I’m really enjoying it! And the best part is it does not transfer up to your eyelid at all! SOLD!

I also¬†received the lip gloss in the colour “embrace” for Christmas. It is currently the only one available on the Canadian market but there is a handful more available in the states so hopefully those make their way here. I like the colour and how it applies. Its a pinky-nude with a hint of warm shimmer? If that makes sense! But it is a little glossy for me. I much prefer matte lips but I don’t mind wearing it for a night out. Recently, I saw a fellow YL member on Instagram saying how she applies the gloss and then dabs the Savvy Minerals blush on top (which you can do since its non-toxic, mineral and natural!) and it makes a semi-matte lip so I will definitely be trying this at some point. It also has peppermint essential oil in it so its super minty and tastes amaze.

Next on my list to try is the blush, bronzer and maybe a lipstick. And here’s hoping the mascara becomes available in Canada ASAP!

What I learned from this almost 2-month process of trial and error is that just like oils, natural makeup is different than what we are used to. But just because it is different doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It means trial and error and finding what works best for our individual and unique skin! I am so happy to have found makeup that is healthy, natural, chemical free, toxin-free and free of cheap fillers like talc and bismuth. I am a firm believer that beauty should not compromise health. And THAT is why I love my Savvy Minerals makeup.


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