Self Care

You’ve probably heard the words self-care floating around a lot lately. It’s all over social media, but what is it really and what does it mean?

In today’s day and age everyone is running ragged, stressed, busy at work, busy at home, and seem to have little to no time to spend on ourselves. Without giving ourselves a break, the cycle continues week after week, which can lead to exhaustion. Now I’m no doctor or psychologist here but I have experienced this first hand over the years. It’s a nasty cycle. But over the past 6 months I’ve made conscious changes to dedicate time to myself to help prevent running myself down.

Although this may seem cliche, I set time aside almost every night to have a hot bath. I grab my favourite essential oil infused epsom salts (currently into lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus – hello spa vibes) I usually add about 1/2cup to the bath, add eucalyptus to the diffuser and let myself relax. It’s time for me. To do nothing, to reflect, to scroll instagram, whatever I feel like doing at that time. I find it SO relaxing and SO needed. I’ve started craving that me time at the end of the night. I am such an introverted person that after being around people all day I need a good half hour where I don’t have to talk or be around people. That may sound rude but for myself, I NEED that break. And after, I feel SO much better. Actually, the other night my boyfriend told me “go have a bath cause you’re always so much happier after.” Haha!

But self-care doesn’t always mean having a bath. It doesn’t always mean go get your nails done. It means do what you need to do as an individual unique person to make you the best version of yourself. Go for a walk, set time aside for yoga, read a book, go out for coffee, eat the cake. It literally can be anything that lets your body, mind and soul hit the refresh button. Be intentional about this, set time aside a couple times a week as time that is dedicated to you and only you. Not your work, your friends, your kids, your partner. You and only you. I think often times women can spend so much time making sure everything and everyone around us it taken care of that we forget to do the same for ourselves. Give yourself the care it needs. You will thank yourself.

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