Oils for Respiratory Support

Winters in Canada can be long, cold, dreary and if you live on the prairies – dry, very dry. With all this dryness can come congestion and stuffiness. It’s tolerable, but it can get annoying. I’ve been feeling the effects especially these past couple weeks. I’m also not one who usually deals with allergies, seasonal changes or anything along those lines so I’ve never put much thought behind keeping remedies on hand for respiratory support. But that’s THE BEST thing about oils – they all have so many purposes and uses that each oil is like a little swiss army knife.

So after ending up with a few nose bleeds this past week (and I NEVER get nose bleeds!)   I knew I had to try something to bring a little bit of relief. I had just gotten in a new 24 pack of empty glass rollers so I grabbed one of those, my fav carrier oil and headed to my oil shelf. The most obvious choice was eucalyptus because it’s basically the poster child for respiratory support. Young Living’s eucalyptus globulus is registered as a natural health product in Canada so it’s undergone scientific research and testing proving it’s effectiveness. Anyways, next I grabbed myrtle, which is like a mini eucalyptus, but a bit sweeter and less intense and it is also registered as a natural health product! Next I grabbed two “staple oils” peppermint and lemon. Both natural health products effective with coughs and colds. Peppermint in particular – especially when paired with eucalyptus – brings so much cooling relief. It’s like it opens the airways right up and makes it possible to breathe again! It feels like walking out in the middle of winter and talking a huge, crisp breath of cold winter air.

Even though I didn’t think I had a remedy at home specific to respiratory discomfort, I ended up putting together a roller of oils that are all registered as natural health products in Canada for reducing symptoms of cough and colds! They work well together at helping to combat the effects of the nasty dry winter air and all that can bring. Say goodbye to stuffiness, congestion and nose bleeds!

What I used:

In a 10ml roller combine:

5 drops eucalyptus globulus

2 drops peppermint

5 drops myrtle

5 drops lemon

Top with carrier oil of your choice. Roll all over neck, chest and feet.




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