Updated Face Serum Recipe

I make so many DIY beauty products these days and I barely ever use a recipe. I kind of just wing it each time. I’ve been using a face serum lately that I posted about awhile back but I’ve since added more oils to it which has only made it even better!

My staple oils in this serum are palmarosa, lavender and frankincense. All of these oils are great for supporting healthy skin – especially frank! Palmarosa is critical for oily skin so if you have dry skin you can probably skip this one. And lavender is calming and soothing – which is necessary for sensitive skin like mine. I had been using almond oil and rosehip oil as the carrier oils (rosehip is actually what makes the serum orange – the rich colour is a sign of its purity, so if you grab a rosehip oil that isn’t orange… maybe don’t buy that one!) But recently I purchased jojoba oil for the first time. It is supposed to be great for hair and skin so I topped up my serum with it. I noticed a difference almost immediately. My skin felt more nourished and less dry – the almond and rosehip just wasn’t quite cutting it for me in the middle of winter! I also began adding geranium and cedarwood essential oils around this time also and my skin has been loving these also. The geranium adds such a pretty floral scent to it which makes it feel so luxurious and expensive!

Since I don’t follow recipes, or even remember what quantities I add, I’ll just give some approximate amounts here but just know you can totally customize to your liking and your skin type. If you have more acne prone skin I would suggest adding some tea tree oil into the mixture as well, as it is highly anti-bacterial. Anyways, this is roughly what I add…

In a 2oz dropper bottle combine:

10 drops lavender

5 drops palmarosa

10 drops frankincense

5 drops geranium

5 drops cedarwood

Top up with jojoba oil, rosehip oil and or almond oil.

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