What This Oily Life Means to Me…

I signed up with Young Living over 2 and a half years ago with a Premium Starter Kit. I used my oils but never really to their full potential. I totally did not understand what impact they could have on my life. It took a good year and a half for me to fully jump all in.

I don’t really remember any “ah ha” moment where I decided to make changes and put in some research as to what I was really exposing my body too. But I do remember however one individual in particular, Casey Weigand of Casey Leigh Essentials, who really inspired me to begin incorporating oils into my everyday life. I don’t even know Casey, but I began following her on Instagram and she shares her life so purely and shows how easy it can be to use oils on the daily. And that’s the best part – it is SO EASY  to use oils every day! I knew hardly anything, other than the basics. I watched what others posted on Instagram, I got plugged into my team’s facebook groups, I signed up for Essential Rewards and I did a lot of googling. There is soooo much information out there and it’s easy to find. If you don’t know how to use an oil just google “uses for peppermint essential oil” or if you want to know what oils you can use for something just google “essential oils for colds” and you will be shocked at how much info comes up! It became kind of addicting to see how many things I could use oils for and slowly but surely all this information became embedded in my brain and I would know which oils to grab and when. It became second nature.

Here’s what I wasn’t expecting… I wasn’t expecting to have my eyes opened to the INSANE amount of chemicals in everyday products. In cleaners, in makeup, in soaps, in laundry products. I could hardly believe that these companies were allowed to get away with filling products we put on our skin, that we breathe in, with endocrine disrupting chemicals, carcinogens and even chemicals that affect our reproductive organes. Like how is this not illegal?!

I began leaning on Young Living even more because it seemed they were the only company I could actually trust. Literally no other company seems to care that they are wrecking havoc on bodies all over the world. I threw so many products out that I used to use multiple times a day and started buying Young Living’s household cleaner, laundry soap, hand soap, lotions, hand sanitizers and even their clean makeup when it came to Canada. These are now my go-to’s and my staple products. I couldn’t imagine going back to chemical filled products now.

This oily lifestyle is just that.. it’s a lifestyle and its become my lifestyle. My passion. Reducing chemicals in the home is something I could have cared less about just 3 years ago. But it is now something I hold so close to my heart. I believe that this natural movement is gaining ground and people everywhere are beginning to make changes and demand transparency and honesty. We’re sick and tired of being tricked into thinking something is healthy for us when it isn’t. Things are changing and I am so so proud to be 100% on board.



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