Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s monthly customizable subscription program. It is completely optional, however, most find that after they begin regularly using oils and products that they are purchasing frequently enough to commit to a monthly program!

You are allowed to pick how much you spend (there is a minimum), what date your order ships and what comes in your order. You can change it each month depending on what your needs are!

Young Living assigns a point value (PV) to each product which is usually slightly less than the price of the product. For example, lavender retails for $29.25 and is worth 23.50 PV. It is the PV totals that count towards your essential rewards total. The minimum you can spend is 50PV each month (which isn’t that hard to do!).

However, there are incentives for the more you purchase (i.e. free product!). If you spend 100PV in a month you qualify for what ever the free product is that month. This September, the 100PV freebie was a 5ml bottle of purification. The next PV level is at 190PV where you receive more free product and again at 250PV and 300PV. But you can spend any amount in between as you wish each month.

In addition to free product, Young Living rewards you with a percentage of your total PV spent back in rewards points. For the month of September I spent a total of 102PV and recieved 10.23 points back to spend like cash (roughly the equivalent of $10). The longer you stay enrolled in essential rewards, the more points back you receive.

It’s awesome to let these build up and spend them all on a little free shopping spree!

  • Months 1-3      10% back in points
  • Months 4-24    20% back in points
  • Months 25+     25% back in points

Young Living truly rewards you for being a loyal customer!

And if that wasn’t incentive enough… for the first year you are enrolled in essential rewards you receive loyalty gifts!

  • After 3 months    15ml grapefruit essential oil
  • After 6 months    15ml copaiba essential oil
  • After 9 months    15ml northern lights black spruce essential oil
  • After 12 months  5ml exclusive loyalty blend

Additionally (yes it gets better!) if your PV total for the first 3 months is 100PV or more you will receive a FREE DIFFUSER. And if you continue 100PV orders until after your 9th month of essential rewards you’ll receive ANOTHER free diffuser!

Do other companies reward you like this for being a loyal customer? For purchasing safe, household products? Nope, didn’t think so!


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