Why Young Living?

I’ll admit, I didn’t try a bunch of different companies before deciding to purchase only Young Living. My aunt and mom used Young Living so I began to also. I didn’t realize then just how lucky I was to essentially stumble into THE BEST essential oils and THE BEST company (ever!). I have since put a lot of research into different oils and companies and every time it leads me back to Young Living.

Young Living has been around for over 20 years. They own their own farms, they do not use chemicals or pesticides and they put their oils through rigorous testing (and 3rd party testing) to ensure we, as customers, are receiving the best of the best. And most importantly, they do not alter or dilute ANY of their essential oils with chemicals or synthetics. THIS IS HUGE. You may not be aware, but the majority of oils out there on the market are not what their label says they are. Actually, an essential oil only needs to contain 2-5% pure essential oil to be labeled as 100% pure essential oil…isn’t that awful?! Because essential oils are unregulated, companies are not required to disclose what the remaining 95-98% of the ingredients are. This allows them to dilute their oils with chemicals, toxins, and synthetics which in turn allows their oils to be priced significantly lower than actual pure essential oils. I’ve heard of so many people saying they find they react to certain essential oils (often lavender) and when I ask where they purchase their oils it’s often grocery stores, the mall or health food stores. Most likely, they are reacting to the added synthetics than the actual lavender itself. These additives can harm you when they are supposed to be helping you. This just makes me mad even thinking about it. So many people out there are trying to make a healthy choice and use essential oils but they aren’t being given a pure product (even though the bottle might say 100% pure!).

This is why it is so important to know where your oils come from and what the companies standards are.  From the seed they plant to the seal they put on the label, Young Living is 100% committed to creating the purest oils on the market. They have even thrown out entire distillations of some of the most expensive oils (like $100+ a bottle!) just because they didn’t meet their quality standards. Now that’s commitment!

But the end of the day, everyone has the choice to make for themselves. We all choose where our money goes and I will happily spend a little more with a company I trust to ensure that I’m using healthy, chemical free and pure products.


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